About Flawsome

Welcome to Flawsome Beauty Salon, where beauty meets uniqueness, and every flaw is celebrated as a mark of individuality. Nestled in the heart of Agra, our salon is a haven for those seeking a transformative experience that goes beyond conventional beauty standards. We offer all type of beauty services from padicure and manicure to pre groom and pre bridal package at affordable price in agra.

Our indulgent range of treatments has been tailored to include innovative eye aesthetics, four hand and dual hot lava shell massages, a repertoire of manicures and pedicures to cater for all tastes and a choice of bespoke tanning treatments as well as alternative therapies including reflexology.  In fact our range and standard of treatments attracts clients that would previously have attended the first class spas in our immediate vicinity.

Why Choose Us?

At Flawsome, we make sure that each bride feels unique, confident and beautiful on her special day ! Leave your bridal-look worries behind and let our experts work their magic !


We at Flawsome have years of experience to serves clients with best services. The beauticians at our salon are experienced and skilled.

Quality Product

At Flawsome we use the excellent and top quality products for our customers. This makes us one of the best beauty salon in Agra.

Customer Satisfaction

We always take care of our customers as they are our top-most priority. We make sure to provide them services without any hassle.

Need any kind of Beauty Services at affordable price

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